Sunday, 24 June 2012

Using the Website

So, you might know how the latest posts appear on the blog, but you may get confused when it comes to finding older posts or posts with a specific label or date... Since I have worked quite hard on making each one, so there is no reason that you skip them... So below I would demonstrate with pictures how the action already mentioned can be easily performed...

Latest posts appear on the main page... If you want to search a specific post, you can type a related keyword in the Search Box provided in the right pane of the blog, as shown:
If you want to explore posts on a specific topic, feel free to check out the Categories in the right pane, each with a name and number of posts present in it. They kinda look like this:
If you want to view posts by descending order of posting, check out the Blog Archive in the right pane, which shows you the year, month and topics with the number of posts, for you might ever need to have a quick look on the latest posts! Below is how it looks like...
Another way of just having a look at the posts is to go to the end of the last post on the main page, and clicking Older Posts... It will redirect you to the page with previous posts... Similarly, on that page, you can click Newer Posts to return to the page with later posts! 

If you want to get notified of the latest posts, you can subscribe by email. The service will deliver the newest posts right in your inbox, from where you'll be able to read it or ignore it...! Look for this in the right pane:
Just enter your email address, and click submit... Don't worry, its perfectly safe...!

If you like my work, you can click the "+1" button for me, which will make my blog popular at Google, and thus increase my chances of being found on google search engines... The +1 button looks like this:
You'll need to be a member of Google + service to perform this action, but that would still act as a charity...!

If you want, you can easily translate my blog into different languages easily, by expanding the dropdown menu, and choosing the language, which looks like this:

I know that these things can be understood by any computer user without reading this post, but it is still good to provide the instructions, even for newbies... 

I think that now you'd easily be able to reach each and everything on my blog, since creating each post requires effort, and I wouldn't like you skipping my work just because you couldn't find it...! So I guess that made it easy.

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